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Definition: overly used, and therefore, trite

Synonyms: trite, cliche, ordinary, unimaginative, tired, commonplace, banal

Antonyms: inventive, original, fresh, imaginative

Tips: The adjective hackneyed is most often applied to phrases or notions that are used so often as to lose their force of meaning. Hackneyed is synonymous with trite and banal. Hackneyed is used to refer to anything dull and unimaginative because of overuse. Trite is used primarily to describe something overused, something that has been used and done so much that it is now uninteresting and unoriginal. Banal is primarily dull and lacking originality, but also overused. If something is both dull and overdone, use hackneyed to describe it. If something is primarily overdone, use trite to describe it, and if something is simply dull and unoriginal, use banal to describe it.

Usage Examples:

The essay received a poor grade because it was unoriginal and full of hackneyed ideas. (dull and overused)

If you use the same hackneyed phrases in every ad campaign, people will stop listening to the message behind them. (clichéd, unoriginal)

I thought he delivered a hackneyed presentation that was both boring and full of cliches. (dull, unimaginative, trite)

The plot of the film is just a hackneyed, rich-man-falls-in-love-with-a-poor-girl love story. (dull, unimaginative, trite)

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