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Definition: 1. to creep or crawl on the ground or on the belly; 2. to show excessive respect or humility, especially falsely, out of fear or a desire to please

Synonyms: cower, creep, crawl, fawn, defer, flatter, beg, suck up

Antonyms: stand up, stand tall

Tips: Grovel comes from a late 19th century word, groof, which meant "to face downward." Think of someone crawling at the feet of someone in order to humbly ask for forgiveness. That is groveling in every definition of the word.

Usage Examples:

I have asked him twice already, but I think he wants me to grovel. (fawn, flatter, beg)

In order to reach under bed to find the missing earring, she had to grovel on her belly like a snake. (crawl, creep)

He sent me a groveling note of apology, but I wasn't sure if he was truly contrite. (fawning, begging) adjective

My sister began crying and groveling on her hands and knees, begging my parents to let her take the car out for the night. (begging, crawling, pleading)

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