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Definition: 1. to scoop or cut out roughly to form something; 2. to carve a hole or groove in something with a sharp tool; 3. to overcharge somebody for goods or services; 4. to injure someone's eye, especially w/ one's thumb

Synonyms: scrape, scratch, dig, bore, gore, stab, overcharge

Antonyms: smooth, discount

Tips: You may have heard the term "price gouging," which refers to putting unreasonably and unfairly high prices on items that the public needs. The idea of gouging is that of scraping or digging a hole into something. Think of price gouging as a way of "digging a hole" out of someone's finances. The word gouge is also a noun, referring to a tool used for cutting grooves in things.

Usage Examples:

The children used a pocket knife to gouge their names into a plank outside the tree house. (scrape, scratch)

Mothers tell their children not to run with scissors because they could gouge out their eye. (stab)

The falling boulder gouged a trough into the side of the mountain. (dug, bored)

Taxi drivers in many countries often try to gouge na´ve tourists. (overcharge)

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