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Definition: to collect and extract information about something over a period of time and often from multiple sources

Synonyms: collect, gather, discover, derive, accumulate, extract, assemble, cull, garner


Tips: Glean is an old farming term used to describe the gathering of stray bits and pieces of a crop that remained after the fields were reaped. The same idea is used today to describe the gathering of facts and information. To glean means "to gather facts in small quantities in order to piece together some information over time." Glean is related to the word cull, which has it's origin in selecting livestock. Where gleaning is gathering information in small quantities from different sources, culling is selecting from a group what you think is best or most appropriate. Glean is used most often to denote the gathering of information. Cull can also be used to denote the selection of information, but is also used to mean culling (narrowing down, selecting, picking) the best from a group or removing the bad.

Usage Examples:

I was able to glean some details of the new marketing strategy from their business plan, but I still don't have the full story. (extract, garner)

Greg reported back all of the new insights he gleaned from presentations he attended at the conference. (collected, garnered, culled)

From what we were able to glean from the report, our sales forecasts for the year are quite good. (gather, extract)

Through a series of brief conversations with my friends, I gleaned that their marriage was in trouble. (gathered, derived)

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