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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to manipulate the division of an electoral district in order to give a certain party or candidate an advantage; (n.) the manipulation of political districts

Synonyms: (v.) manipulate, divide, (n.) manipulation, division


Tips: Gerrymander comes from a combination of the name of former Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry and the word salamander, the shape of a district he created during his term. He manipulated the formation of his oddly shaped electoral district to ensure his reelection.

Usage Examples:

If we gerrymander the districts in this state, we may win the election but we will lose our integrity; therefore, I am against the idea. (manipulate) verb

The interest group pressured the politician into gerrymandering the voting districts. (dividing, manipulating) verb

Some politicians hope to be able to gerrymander their political district, come election time. (manipulate, divide in their favor) verb

The politician's attempted gerrymander of his district did not win him any favor with voters. (redrawing of district lines, manipulation) noun

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