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Definition: 1. overly and sometimes irritatingly talkative and chatty; 2. wordy or verbose

Synonyms: loquacious, verbose, wordy, prolix, talkative, chatty

Antonyms: taciturn, quiet, terse

Tips: If a speech is said to be garrulous, this is usually a criticism. A person who is said to be garrulous is being critiqued for talking too much about something of little importance. The noun form is garrulity. Garrulous is synonymous with verbose and loquacious. Garrulous is the most critical as it means you are talking too much and with little substance. Verbose means you are using too many words to convey your point. Loquacious is tending to talk a great deal, which can be good or bad.

Usage Examples:

The politician's latest speech was just another instance of garrulity without substance. (verbosity, wordiness) noun

Although the girl was otherwise a good student, her garrulous nature often got her into trouble for not paying attention in class. (talkative, chatty)

I don't mind people who are loquacious and talk a lot; I just don't like people who are garrulous and go on and on about trivial subjects. (wordy, chatty)

It's not in my nature to be garrulous; I prefer to sit and listen to others. (verbose, wordy, talkative)

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