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Definition: 1. tending to spend very little money; 2. small in expense or quantity

Synonyms: thrifty, sparing, provident, economical, penny-pinching, conserving, prudent, scanty, meager, paltry

Antonyms: prodigal, extravagant, wasteful, expensive, lavish

Tips: Frugal is derived from the Latin frux, meaning "fruit, produce." If you are frugal (cautious in spending) with the fruits of your labor, you spend you money carefully because you don't want it to go to waste. Frugal is generally a good, positive word to describe someone who is careful with his or her money, although it can sometimes be used negatively to describe a "penny-pincher." Frugality is the related noun, indicating the characteristic of being conservative in spending. Frugal is a good self-promotional term if you are interviewing for a position of money control. Frugal is similar in meaning to thrifty: If you are thrifty, you work hard and manage your money wisely, while frugal is used to describe a person who is less inclined to spend money and only spends money on what is necessary, without wasting it on lavish things.

Usage Examples:

My frugal track record has led to a twenty-five percent decrease in frivolous spending. (prudent, conserving)

Frugality may be a road to riches. (thriftiness, scrimping) noun

He has always been frugal with his money, and that is in part why he has never had money problems. (conserving, penny-pinching)

He is such a contradiction when it comes to money: sometimes he is frugal and watches every penny and other times he is frivolous and spends money without a care or second thought. (conserving, penny-pinching)

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