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Definition: strength, courage, and determination during difficult circumstances

Synonyms: firmness, determination, resolve, strength, courage, valor, mettle, moxie

Antonyms: weakness, cowardice, despair, pusillanimity

Tips: Fortitude comes from the Latin word fortis, meaning "strong." Someone who faces challenges with fortitude, does so with strength and determination to overcome his difficulties. Note the prefix fort. Think of putting up a fort around any weakness or despair and containing those feelings--that would be showing fortitude (strength, courage). The common slang saying, "that person has guts," refers to intestinal fortitude, which is another common way to speak about fortitude. However, the most frequent use of fortitude is to describe someone who "lacks fortitude (resolve)."

Usage Examples:

The investors sold their stocks in the face of massive declines because they lacked the fortitude to stay the course. (firmness, resolve)

When you start a business, it is inevitable that something will go wrong, so you need to make sure you have the fortitude to follow your dreams and make the business a reality. (courage, moxie)

Lacking the fortitude to stand up for himself, Max was often the victim of his boss' disrespectful remarks. (strength, mettle)

The fact that he is running for the Presidency again, after having lost four times, is proof of his intestinal fortitude. (strength, resolve, determination)

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