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Definition: to stop or hold yourself back from doing something, in consideration of others

Synonyms: abstain, desist, restrain, refrain


Tips: Forbear means to refrain from doing something (usually due to consideration, patience, or respect). For a memory trick, note the word "bear" in forbear. Now imagine if a bear was outside your car, you would probably forbear leaving your car for the consideration of your own safety. It's often used in the context of the inability to forbear doing something, such as expressing emotion (e.g. she wasn't able to forbear crying at the funeral). Forbearance is a more sophisticated way of saying "patience." Use forbearance to denote patience, forgiveness, and self control during hard times. You want your spouse to have forbearance if times ever get tough.

Usage Examples:

At times, it is difficult to forbear thinking negative thoughts about people. (abstain, refrain)

Her mother used to forbear from yelling at her brothers and sisters when upset, by counting slowly to ten when she was angry. (desist, restrain)

I greatly appreciate your forbearance in sticking with us through these difficult times; your loyalty and patience will certainly be rewarded. (patience) noun

Biting down on his finger is all he could do to forbear yelling out loud in pain. (stop himself from, restrain)

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