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Definition: 1. excessively refined and fastidious in taste and behavior; 2. affecting in manners, and preferring festive clothing

Synonyms: finical, spruce, dandyish


Tips: Foppish is somewhat similar to flamboyant, but without the aspect of flaunting oneself. Foppish is more similar to dainty or finical, with an emphasis on elegance. A fop is a man who is very concerned with his dress and appearance.

Usage Examples:

Rock stars and actors can be foppish and wear styles which your "average guy" might not be able to get away with. (finical, dandyish)

The designer was known for his personal foppish style, which included mostly velvet and silk attire. (dandyish, overly elegant)

He stressed over what to wear so much, I wasn't sure if he wanted to look professional or if he was just being foppish. (overly concerned with looking elegant, affected)

Look at John over there; he is so foppish with his silk suit and diamond cufflinks. (overly concerned with looking elegant)

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