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Definition: to shamelessly parade or show off something, such as money, to get attention

Synonyms: parade, brandish, display, show off, flash

Antonyms: hide, shy away

Tips: To flaunt means "to show off." When you flaunt money, clothes, sexuality, etc., you are being showy and ostentatious. Ostentatious is a good word to describe anyone who flaunts their money or wealth. Note: Do NOT confuse flaunt with flout. Flout means to "disobey openly and scornfully" or "show contempt and disdain for." Flaunt means "display ostentatiously."

Usage Examples:

Because the couple hadn't been wealthy for very long, they were prone to flaunt their new money. (flash, parade)

In an obvious attempt to flaunt her new position, Jenny made it a point to give each of her former co-workers one of her new business cards. (brandish, display)

Did you see her flaunting her new boyfriend at the party last night? (parading, displaying)

I have great respect for him because he never flaunts his wealth and success and treats everyone he meets with the same respect. (shows off, displays)

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