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Definition: 1. a narrow crevice or other opening, especially in rock or ice; 2. the process of splitting or dividing along a line; 3. a rift in a party or group, as in differing viewpoints in a political party

Synonyms: crack, gap, break, gulf, fracture, opening, chasm, abysm, discord, disharmony, rift, schism, strife


Tips: The word fissure is often used in the contexts of geology, anatomy, and medicine. A fissure is a literal crack or gap. The related word fission is the act of splitting into parts, especially in a nuclear reaction, in which a heavy nucleus splits into fragments. Fissure can be used in political or business discussions to describe a figurative split between opposing parties or ideas. The synonym rift is probably a more commonly understood term, but fissure is also good to use in this context.

Usage Examples:

The earthquake caused a large fissure to open under the highway, making the road impassable. (gap, crack)

The harnessing of nuclear fission provides a source of power, as well as enormous destructive potential. (splitting of nuclei, nuclear reaction)

The land dispute created a fissure between the neighbors. (rift, strife, animosity)

The argument between the CEO and the President created a fissure in the company, causing the board members to take sides. (rift, discord)

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