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Definition: 1. faithfulness to vow, duties, obligations, or observances; 2. truthfulness and accuracy in reporting details or facts; 3. degree to which electronic engineering accurately reproduces the sound or image of its input signal

Synonyms: allegiance, faithfulness, loyalty, devotedness, devotion, staunchness, adherence, constancy, exactitude, accuracy, precision, definiteness

Antonyms: infidelity, disloyalty, inaccuracy

Tips: When thinking of the word fidelity, one of the first meanings that comes to mind is fidelity within a marriage--to remain faithful to your partner and not cheat. The word infidelity refers to cheating. Fidelity also denotes faithfulness to the truth or facts. Similar to facsimile in regards to reproduction accuracy, except fidelity is the actual term for degree of accuracy, while facsimile is the copy itself. Since a high-fidelity sound system can reproduce a range of sounds, it is, in its output, being truthful to the original music or input.

Usage Examples:

Although the archeologist was on the road constantly, his marital fidelity was intact. (devotedness, loyalty)

In some cases, analog recordings are of higher fidelity than digital. (frequency, clarity, accuracy of output)

It was his infidelity that ultimately ended their marriage. (cheating, disloyalty)

One of the things I admired most about him was his adoration and fidelity toward his wife. (loyalty, faithfulness)

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