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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to stir up, disrupt, or agitate; 2. to evolve or change; (n.) 1. the process of fermentation or change; 2. a state of change or confusion brought about by change

Synonyms: (v.) agitate, disrupt, fluster, alarm, upset, disquiet, inflame, develop, change; (n.) change, development, confusion

Antonyms: (v.) pacify, placate, sooth

Tips: The most common use of the word ferment (change chemically) is when referring to the process of turning sugars into alcohol. The idea is "change," "develop," or "stir up." In the negative sense, if something ferments, it stirs up and agitates. In the positive sense, if something ferments it develops to create positive change; for example, you could let an idea ferment (develop.) Also, from the original definition of change has come a new meaning of "confusion" as the result of change. If there is any kind of political or dramatic change that causes confusion, this confusion from change is often referred to as a ferment.

Usage Examples:

The downtown area has seen a great creative ferment recently, with the opening of several new galleries. (change, development) noun

The resignation of our Mayor has left the city in a state of political ferment. (confusion) noun

Let me sit on that idea and give it time to ferment before I make a decision. (develop, set in) verb

Although I kept a composed expression on my face, her rude and flippant comments made me ferment inside. (inflame, stir up, agitate)

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