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Definition: 1. to put on a false pretenses or to pretend to feel something, such as an emotion; 2. to make up a lie, such as a story or excuse; 3. to imitate for false purposes

Synonyms: fake, fabricate, act, pretend, affect, bluff, delude, mislead, fool, clone, impersonate, mimic, simulate


Tips: "To feign ignorance" is a common phrase. Feign sounds like fake and is similar in meaning and application. You can feign things like sickness or sadness. In this sense, to feign something is to act, whether it is feigning a counterfeit story and passing it off as truth, or pretending to have a physical condition or emotion. See also: the related noun feint.

Usage Examples:

She plans to feign affection in her single-minded pursuit of money. (affect, act)

Unbeknownst to Angie, her feigned stories were completely disregarded by her co-workers. (fabricated) adjective

Please don't try to feign modesty; I know you are quietly gloating inside. (pretend, act out)

My daughter was successfully feigning sickness until I heard her giggling in her room. (faking, acting)

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