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Definition: 1. to lose effectiveness, confidence, or ability; 2. to stumble; 3. to speak haltingly

Synonyms: stumble, waver, vacillate, hesitate, stammer

Antonyms: steady, persist, hold [strong]

Tips: Falter can literally mean "to stumble." For a memory trick, note how falter sounds like "fall and alter" combined. Now, imagine a priest trips and falters (stumbles), then falls off the alter at mass. Falter can be used to describe any kind of figurative stumble. For example, if a business falters, it stumbles and no longer has success. If you falter in a speech, you lose your footing and composure for a moment. Falter can also be used as a noun, referring to the act of faltering.

Usage Examples:

Her voice faltered as she tried to confess through her tears. (wavered)

She was resolute, and nothing could cause her to falter from her commitment. (waver)

The speaker momentarily faltered when he realized his slides were out of order. (hesitated, stumbled)

Try not to falter on the witness stand, because the jury may take it as a sign of guilt. (hesitate, stammer)

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