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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. an element contributing to the result of something; 2. a mathematical quantity multiplied with other numbers, or the amount by which something is multiplied; 3. a person or organization that trades for commission; (v.) 1. to include or exclude as a contributing element; 2. to calculate the factors of a given quantity or expression

Synonyms: (n.) part, aspect, facet, element, cause, component, ingredient, divisor, agent, representative, (v.) include, divide, calculate, figure

Antonyms: (n.) composite, whole; (v.) disregard

Tips: The most general use of the word factor is the noun form, meaning "part or element." The mathematical definition helps to explain this use because mathematical factors are parts of a whole number. As a verb, factor means "to figure or account for."

Usage Examples:

We had to factor in possible traffic delays when estimating our arrival time. (figure) verb

The most important factor in the decision to hire her as the new manager was her past record of success in a similar position. (element, aspect) noun

There are several factors that you should consider when determining the value of a company. (aspects, components) noun

Once you factor in variables such as inflation, you see that the company didnít really experience much growth. (figure) verb

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