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Definition: 1. a self-seeking party or group (generally within a government) that is the dissenting minority within a larger group; this clique of partisans holds slightly different beliefs and interests than the rest of the group; 2. party strife and intrigue; 3. a literary work or film that blends fiction into factual elements

Synonyms: wing, caucus, coalition, group, schism, cell, conflict, discord, dissension, rebellion, strife

Antonyms: entirety, total, whole, agreement, peace, unity

Tips: For the word faction, think "separation and dissension." A faction will make it difficult to move forward on an issue, since there is a passionate disagreement. A faction will "fracture" the binding glue of the organization. In politics, this may indicate the various political parties in the country, as well as factions within parties.

Usage Examples:

There were two major Roman political factions: the populares and the optimates. (wings, parties)

There is a faction in the Democratic party that supports tax cuts and strong defense. (wing, caucus)

I remember a faction of girls in grade school who were mean and nasty toward all of their classmates. (click, group)

The president didn't realize that there was a faction within the board of directors, meeting to plan his removal. (rebellion, uprising)

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