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Definition: to release somebody or something from a physical constraint or an unpleasant or complicated situation

Synonyms: free, release, disentangle, disencumber

Antonyms: tangle, constrain, mire

Tips: Extricate is derived from the Latin ex-, "free of" + tricae, "trifles, perplexities" Think, free from a perplexing situation." Use extricate as a more sophisticated way of saying "solve a problem" or "free from burden." The related adjective extricable refers to something "untangled," or solved/resolved. The related adjective inextricable describes a problem with no solution or ability to resolve the problem.

Usage Examples:

Now, how are you going to get yourself out of this inextricable knot you've gotten into? (unsolvable, tangled) adjective

By beginning to tell the truth, her web of lies became an extricable situation. (solvable, untangled)

I am buried in paper work and can't seem to extricate myself from this project. (free, disentangle)

After paying off all his credit cards, he was finally able to extricate himself from a lifelong accumulation of debt. (release, free)

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