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Definition: to give a detailed description or answer

Synonyms: explain, interpret, expatiate, discuss, inform, opine

Antonyms: condense, abbreviate, abridge, confuse

Tips: Expound is derived from Old French espondre and from Latin exponere, “to explain.” Expound is a more succinct and sophisticated way of saying "explain in detail." Expound is similar in meaning to expatiate. See expatiate for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

Political news gets old really fast when you have to listen to pundits expound about the shortcomings of their opposing political party. (discuss in detail, explain)

The professor decided to expound on the underlying message of the book for the entire 50-minute lecture. (discuss, explain)

If you like, I could expound on the issue further. (opine, expatiate)

It is ill-advised to expound your political views with people you have just met. (discuss in detail, spell out, explain)

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