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Definition: 1. a clear and full rhetorical discourse intended to give an explanation of difficult material; 2. the act of expounding upon the meaning of an author, or passage--an interpretation; 3. a large-scale public exhibition or show of art or industrial goods, etc.

Synonyms: treatise, discourse, dissertation, thesis, interpretation, bazaar, exhibition, production, demonstration


Tips: Use exposition as a more sophisticated word for a written explanation that provides background and context. Exposition is related to the verbs expatiate and expound, though exposition is intended for explanation which is not necessarily verbose in detail. Exposition also includes the act of "expository writing," exploring the deeper meaning of a literary passage. In literature, (books, plays etc.) the background information needed to get a picture of the characters and their environment is termed an exposition.

Usage Examples:

The exposition at the local fair featured all the major inventions of the twentieth century. (exhibition, production)

The exposition given on natural foods and vegetarianism as the way of the future was not too popular in the small Midwestern town. (discourse, demonstration)

We always begin our book clubs with an exposition on the authors and what influenced their writing. (detailed discourse)

I thought the professor gave a wonderful and illuminating exposition on the difficult and hard-to-follow book. (insightful presentation)

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