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Definition: 1. to enlarge and add details in conversation or writing; 2. to expound at length on an account or idea, without restraint

Synonyms: elaborate, expound, enlarge

Antonyms: abbreviate, abridge, condense, shorten

Tips: Expatiate is derived from the Latin exspatiatus, "to wander, digress," from ex- + spatium, "space, course." The archaic meaning is "to move or wander about intellectually or imaginatively." This meaning connotes expertise and possible disregard for the listener. Expatiate can be a negative term used to describe someone who belabors a point by going on and on about it. You wouldn't say, "I can expatiate further." Instead, you would probably say, "I can expound (explain in detail) on the subject further." Expatiate is more of a negative description, but not always, for someone being long-winded in their speaking and writing, while expound is used to describe a detailed description or explanation. The difference is in the details!

Usage Examples:

If you ask this professor a question, he will expatiate on the topic until you'll wish you hadn't asked. (elaborate, expound)

The document I received from my attorney expatiated on every detail of the case. (elaborated, expounded)

I love talking politics, so please let me know if I begin to expatiate too much on this year's election. (discuss in detail)

He drives me crazy when he expatiates on and on about how we need to put cover sheets on our TPS reports; we get it already! (speaks excessively, belabors the point)

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