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Definition: 1. complete and thorough; 2. tending to bring on fatigue and drain resources

Synonyms: comprehensive, thorough, extensive, full-scale, sweeping, exhausting, draining, wearisome

Antonyms: cursory, perfunctory, superficial, energizing, renewing, restful

Tips: An exhaustive report or study deals with everything relevant to the matter--it is a complete and comprehensive review and analysis. For a memory trick, think how you would be exhausted after compiling an exhaustive study. Exhaustive is a great word to emphasize how detail oriented a project is and how thoroughly you must have gone over it. The related adjective exhausting is used to describe anything exhaustive. The related verb exhaust means "to pursue completely" or "tire completely." "We exhausted (used up, pursued) all options before stopping the search."

Usage Examples:

Following work on the exhaustive survey of divorce, the social scientists needed a vacation from reality. (comprehensive, extensive)

That game of Monopoly was exhausting for me because I was bankrupt and the kids were gloating over their financial mastery. (draining, wearisome)

After an exhaustive review of all the job candidates, we decided to hire Joanna. (comprehensive, complete, extensive)

After exhausting all her legal options to avoid court, her attorney explained that a court hearing was inevitable. (pursuing, using up) verb

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