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Definition: 1. characterized by unusual delicacy and high refinement; 2. lacking material substance--airy and light; 3. descriptive of regions beyond the earth or atmosphere

Synonyms: delicate, airy, dainty, gossamer, refined, insubstantial, angelic, divine, seraphic, celestial, otherworldly

Antonyms: indelicate, earthly, worldly, dense, ponderous

Tips: All the definitions of ethereal contain the essence of delicacy and characteristics of spirit-like form, manner, or thought. Note the word ether within ethereal, and think of the gas ether passing through the air unseen. "Ethereal beauty" is angelic and otherwordly in quality, reminiscent of a renaissance painting, perhaps. Someone may leave an immaterial, intangible, and thus ethereal aura or energy in a room. Ethereal can refer to voices, music, or any presence that fills a room, but without any material or physical presence.

Usage Examples:

The ethereal presence in the room was disquieting. (celestial, otherworldly)

The bridesmaids, in their brightly colored, silk renaissance style gowns, had an ethereal quality in the enormous gothic cathedral. (celestial, gossamer)

When she left the room, the smell of her perfume remained as an ethereal reminder of her presence. (delicate, airy)

I love humming birds for their quiet and ethereal beauty and behavior. (delicate, spiritual)

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