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Definition: to weaken somebody, either physically or mentally

Synonyms: tire, exhaust, fatigue, deplete, weaken, enfeeble

Antonyms: strengthen, energize

Tips: Enervate usually refers to physical exhaustion or weakness. There is an connotation of "rattled nerves" leading to a breakdown of strength. If something is described with the adjective enervating, it is exhausting. Enervate is often confused with energize--remember, these words are antonyms and have the opposite meaning. For a memory trick, note how enervate sounds like "energy ate." Now imagine how getting sick and coming down with the flu would enervate you. You might say, Tthe virus ate all my energy, it really enervated me."

Usage Examples:

Nothing enervates me like a car alarm that beeps all night. (exhausts, drains, weakens)

Her marathon debut was successful, but even more enervating than she had expected. (exhausting, fatiguing) adjective

Just the thought of speaking in public is enough to enervate me. (exhaust, enfeeble)

The child's constant questions enervated his teacher. (exhausted)

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