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Definition: 1. to promote; 2. to approve or support; 3. to sign officially (as a check or receipt)

Synonyms: approve, support, promote, sanction, sign, underwrite

Antonyms: denounce

Tips: When people endorse checks, they legally authorize payment of the checks to themselves or others. A team can be endorsed financially, and an athlete can endorse products to earn money. An endorsement is an approval, a promotional statement or the act of endorsing.

Usage Examples:

If you want this check cashed, you will need to endorse it with your signature. (sign, authorize)

Michael Phelps endorses a number of swimming products. (supports, promotes)

I cannot endorse your ideas, because I don't believe in them. (support, promote)

I received a huge endorsement from my father when he lent me the money needed to start my own business. (approval, sanction) noun

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