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Definition: 1. to shorten something to a concise form that displays what is most important; 2. to enclose something, as in a capsule

Synonyms: condense, shorten, epitomize, capture, enclose, encase

Antonyms: lengthen, release

Tips: To remember the definition of encapsulate, think of a capsule, which is something that encloses and holds something else. Encapsulate literally means "to place in a capsule." The verb encapsulate is often used figuratively to describe capturing several ideas or thoughts and condensing them in a succinct manner or epitomizing something. The adjective is encapsulated.

Usage Examples:

This cartoon really encapsulates the current political climate. (captures)

The medication is encapsulated in a flavored gel. (enclosed)

I thought you wrote a wonderful proposal that encapsulated everything we need. (epitomized, captured)

I like the YMCA Big Brother program, because it encapsulates everything that is important in mentoring a young child. (encases, captures, epitomizes)

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