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Definition: to make improvements or corrections to something, especially written text

Synonyms: correct, edit, revise


Tips: Emend comes from the Latin word emendare, "to take out a fault." It's very similar to the word amend, which means "to change," but it's different in that it refers specifically to changing something in order to improve it. Think of mending a garment; when you mend a garment, you fix it. In the same way, when you emend something, usually text, you fix it. An emendation is an improvement made to a text.

Usage Examples:

The software program needs to be emended to remove any bugs. (edited, revised)

My editor helped me emend my first novel. (edit, revise)

His essay required so many emendations, I told him to just start over. (corrections, edits, improvements) noun

I thought I would need to emend my story, but my editor liked my first version and said there were no corrections necessary. (revise, edit)

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