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Definition: someone or something that symbolizes or represents a quality or an idea exactly

Synonyms: symbol, representation, personification, quintessence, incarnation


Tips: If something is an embodiment, it embodies (symbolizes, represents) something else. The noun embodiment and the verb embody are usually used to describe a positive symbol or representation of something else, although they can also be used to describe someone or something that represents evil. Embodiment is synonymous with personification. Personification is used to describe a person representing or being a perfect example of something. (i.e: She personifies kindness.) Embodiment is used more to describe inanimate things, but can also be used to describe people that are great examples of an ideal. See personify for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

The Statue of Liberty is the embodiment of freedom and opportunity in the United States. (representation, symbol)

The Freedom Tower will be the new embodiment of freedom and democracy in New York City. (representation, symbol)

During his career, he always embodied good sportsmanship on the court. (represented, personified) verb

The company's new cruise ship is the embodiment of luxury. (symbol, personification)

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