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Definition: good taste, gracefulness, and refinement

Synonyms: grace, refinement, class, sophistication, taste, polish

Antonyms: tastelessness, gracelessness, crudeness

Tips: When somebody carries him or herself with elegance, that person has grace and dignity--he or she is elegant. A person or thing can be elegant, or have elegance. Elegance isn't something that is easily defined, because it is quite subjective, and it's often hard to put your finger on what exactly it is that gives something or someone elegance--grace, refinement, class, sophistication, taste, polish.

Usage Examples:

She walked into the room with such grace and elegance that all eyes turned to look at her. (refinement, grace)

The suit was rather inexpensive for something so elegant. (sophisticated, attractive, graceful) adjective

He was born with a natural elegance that was impossible to imitate. (grace, class, refinement)

I tried on several wedding dresses today, but I felt that they all lacked the elegance I'm looking for in my gown. (sophistication, polish)

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