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Definition: 1. overly demonstrative; 2. overflowing

Synonyms: gushing, unrestrained, profuse, demonstrative, emotional, verbose, extravagant, overflowing

Antonyms: quiet, reserved

Tips: Effusive is derived from the Latin word effusio, "pouring," or "a pouring forth." The noun form of effusive is effusion. Effusion can refer to the act of pouring or the thing poured, whether it be emotion or liquid. Think of someone giving "gushing" praise that is just pouring out. Effusive is often used to describe excessive and overly extravagant praise. Effusive is related to the word profusive. Both words have similar Latin roots meaning to "pour forth." Think of something literally and figuratively pouring forward like "effusive praise." Effusive is used more often and is a better adjective than profusive. The noun profusion, however, is used more often than the noun effusion, and the adverb profusely is used more commonly than effusively. See profusion for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

The introduction given to the honoree was so effusive that he was more embarrassed than touched. (extravagant, gushing)

The widow was overwhelmed by the effusion of condolences she received. (outpouring, profusion) noun

The Board gave the Chairman effusive praise for his performance. (unrestrained, gushing)

He wrote an enthusiastic and effusive, four-page review of the concert. (verbose, extravagant)

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