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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a male bee; 2. someone who works for others; 3. a humming or continuous sound at a single tone; 4. someone who takes more time than is necessary; (v.) 1. to hum; 2. to talk in a persistently dull or monotonous tone

Synonyms: (n.) worker, employee, monotone, (n./v.) hum, buzz, prate, murmur, talk (in monotone)

Antonyms: silence

Tips: The primary definition for drone relates to bumble bees. As a noun, a drone is a male bee. Bumble bees work together and are "co-workers," so the word drone can be used to describe a colleague. As a verb, drone means "to hum like a bee." Think of a monotone hum when using the verb drone to denote someone carrying on in a speech. In specialized situations, drone can also refer to an unmanned aircraft or ship. The adjective droning describes something monotonous.

Usage Examples:

The voice on the loudspeaker seemed to drone on endlessly. (prate, murmur, buzz) verb

The bully's drones do whatever he asks. (workers, sidekicks) noun

The professor's droning voice nearly put me to sleep. (monotonous) adjective

The speaker droned on and on for nearly two hours. (talked in monotone) verb

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