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Definition: 1. a religious doctrine; 2. a code of beliefs

Synonyms: doctrine, belief, tenet, conviction, creed, credo, ideology, code, system


Tips: Dogma is derived from the Greek dogma, meaning "opinion." A dogma is essentially a system of beliefs, whether religious or not, that a person or group adheres to and considers authoritative. A person can lead his or her life by a certain dogma. The plural of dogma can be either dogmata or dogmas. A person who is dogmatic (stubborn, opinionated, biased, arrogant) believes that he or she is right in his or her beliefs or opinions, and everyone else is wrong. Think, "belief that one is right."

Usage Examples:

His political dogma paralleled that of the republican party. (ideology, belief system)

This company has always operated under the dogma that employees must be respected and compensated fairly. (belief, tenet, conviction)

Chad's dogmatic attitude makes it difficult for his employees to express their opinions. (stubborn, biased, opinionated) adjective

The professor's dogmatic lecture annoyed his students, who felt that he was using their class time to propagate his own beliefs. (opinionated, arrogant, egotistical) adjective

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