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Definition: difference or inequality in form, character, or degree

Synonyms: inequality, unlikeness, difference, incongruity, disproportion

Antonyms: equality, likeness, similarity

Tips: Disparity is usually used to describe an unfair or unjust lack of equality. For example: "the disparity between the rich and the poor." In more technical terms, disparity can refer to any difference, inconsistency, or gap that seems to indicate a problem. For example: "There seems to be a disparity between my check book records and my bank account." Disparity can also refer to incongruity. For example if you say you are happy, but your face indicates you are upset, there is disparity between what you say and how you look--they don't match. (See disparate.)

Usage Examples:

Research seems to indicate that social violence is directly related to economic disparity. (differences, inequalities)

There was a huge disparity between my bank account statement and my check book balance. (inequality, disproportion, gap)

The disparity between my salary and the cost of living in Manhattan is laughable. (disproportion, incongruity, gap)

Jackie insisted that she was happy, but there was a disparity between her words and the expression on her face. (difference, incongruity)

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