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Definition: to make someone feel confused, uneasy, or embarrassed

Synonyms: discompose, distress, disquiet, disturb, embarrass, frustrate, confound

Antonyms: relax, reassure

Tips: Discomfit comes from the Old French word desconfit, "to destroy." If you discomfit someone you destroy that person's feeling of security; you confuse him, you make him feel uneasy. The word also sounds like discomfort, but there is a difference. Discomfort means "to make uncomfortable," while discomfit is more specific and refers to making someone disconcerted and confused, which could also make someone feel uncomfortable, but it's more specific to confusion and insecurity. The adjective form is discomfited and describes someone who has been embarrassed or disturbed.

Usage Examples:

Gabe thought he knew a lot about engineering, so he was discomfited to find that Peter knew much more about the topic than he did. (embarrassed, made insecure) adjective

Lisa was discomfited on realizing that she had worn casual clothing to the office for Casual Friday, but in fact, it was only Thursday. (embarrassed, distressed) adjective

Don't discomfit her by making any comments about her hair; she's insecure enough about it as it is. (embarrass, distress)

The woman's staggering beauty could easily discomfit even the most self-assured man. (discompose, confound)

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