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Definition: a state of disorganization, untidiness, or confusion

Synonyms: disorder, chaos, turmoil, clutter, confusion, discomposure, disharmony, unruliness, indiscipline

Antonyms: tidiness, order

Tips: An array is a neat ordering of things. Disarray is often used in the phrase "in disarray," meaning that something is out of order or in a mess.

Usage Examples:

The manager left suddenly for a new job, leaving her various projects in disarray. (confusion, chaos)

Jimmy's room is in a constant state of disarray, although his mom makes him clean it every week. (messiness, disorder)

My desk in such disarray, it's a wonder I can even find my computer. (clutter, disorder)

Her thoughts were in disarray as she tried to understand why she had just been fired. (confusion, turmoil)

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