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Definition: behavior that differs sharply from an accepted norm or standard

Synonyms: aberrance, abnormality, departure, digression, divergence, discrepancy, irregularity

Antonyms: normality, conventionality, tradition

Tips: Deviance comes from the Latin word via, "way." Deviance (or deviant behavior) goes against the usual way of doing things. The adjective deviant describes people or behaviors that veer away from the normal or usual (often sexually oriented). To deviate from something means "to turn away" from it.

Usage Examples:

Ronald's deviance from the school dress code was punished with detention. (divergence)

Any deviance from accepted standards of behavior, as defined by the group, is looked on with extreme suspicion by teenage girls. (departure)

While most kids were innocently spending their time playing and having fun, he was always deviant--spending his time destroying things and being mischievous. (variant, abnormal, irregular) adjective

Even though I needed to use the restroom, I didn't want to deviate from the road to find a service station. (depart, turn away) verb

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