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Definition: 1. having definite limits; 2. being or having a conclusive answer to something

Synonyms: definite, determined, fixed, established, bounded, contained, known, conclusive, limited

Antonyms: indeterminate, unlimited

Tips: Determinate comes from the Latin word terminus, "boundary or limit," from which we also get the closely related words determine and terminate. Unlike terminate, the last syllable in determinate is pronounced with a short "a." This exemplifies a typical pattern: Latin-derived verbs and adjectives may look like the same word, but they are pronounced differently, verbs with a long "a" and adjectives with a short "a," in order to differentiate (pronounced with a long "a," because it is a verb) them. Describing something as determinate means that certain limits or boundaries have been established or that something is conclusive and final (because of certain limits).

Usage Examples:

The results of the study are insufficiently determinate for us to draw any conclusions at this time; further research is needed. (conclusive, limited)

While the child's genetic makeup is determinate, the influence of environment on his or her personality is not, and may result in statistical anomalies. (determined, known)

The growth of this company is not determinate; we can grow indefinitely. (limited, contained)

Traffic laws are generally determinate in what is and isn't allowed. (fixed, conclusive, definite)

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