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Definition: 1. deliberate neglect of duty or obligations; 2. a state of abandonment or neglect

Synonyms: negligence, neglect, desertion, abandonment, forsaking

Antonyms: diligence, responsibility, care

Tips: Dereliction comes from the Latin word relinquere, "to leave behind," from which we also get our modern word relinquish, which means "to give up." The related word derelict may be used as a noun (a derogatory term for a person) or an adjective (when referring to a thing). Thus, the word means "something that is left behind," whether it is someone leaving their responsibilities behind, or a person or thing that has been abandoned and forgotten. In the military, a dereliction (desertion, abandonment) of duties is leaving your post or command or abandoning your duties and is a serious offense in the military.

Usage Examples:

An arts group has taken over that derelict building, and plans to turn it into a functioning theater. (abandoned) adjective

My client, Mrs. Smith, is suing Mr. Smith for dereliction of duty in refusing to pay the court-allocated child support. (neglect, negligence)

His dereliction of his duties got him fired last week. (neglect)

Your dereliction of your schoolwork proves that you're not responsible enough to get a job. (forsaking, neglect)

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