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Definition: an attack involving plunder, pillage, and laying waste to something

Synonyms: ravage, pillage, plunder, devastation, robbery

Antonyms: protection

Tips: Depredation comes from the Latin word praederi, "to plunder," from which we also get our modern word predator, "something that attacks those weaker than itself." Depredation usually implies an attack on the weak or defenseless.

Usage Examples:

The invading army's depredation of the undefended village was deplorable. (ravaging, pillaging, laying waste)

Their depredation of our company is complete; we are totally ruined. (plunder, pillage)

The depredation of our natural resources will eventually end in disaster. (devastation)

The convenience store was nearly empty after the depredation committed by the rioters. (robbery, plunder)

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