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Definition: 1. a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence; 2. an unfounded opinion or idea

Synonyms: fantasy, hallucination, illusion, misapprehension, fallacy, misconception, phantasm, self-deception

Antonyms: reality, truth, clarity

Tips: A delusion is a false belief held in the face of available evidence to the contrary. It is not used to refer to any false belief, though, but only to beliefs that are transparently false or ridiculous, held because of irrationality on the believer's part. A person who holds on to delusions is said to be delusional. Note: many people confuse delusion with its homonyms allusion and illusion. Allusion is a noun that means "a casual or subtle reference." Illusion is a noun that means "fanciful or unreal occurrence." A delusion is a belief in something that is not real and an illusion is seeing something that is not real.

Usage Examples:

Bob harbored the delusion that his neighbors were jealous of the Greek statues in his front yard, when actually they found the statues pretentious and silly. (misapprehension, self-deception)

Psychiatric patients often suffer from delusions such as the idea that someone is following them. (fantasies, hallucinations)

You're delusional if you think the client is going to like this campaign, because it's terrible. (mistaken, having illusions) adjective

He has delusions of being a great singer, but his voice is awful. (illusions, fantasies)

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