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Definition: to openly criticize something or someone

Synonyms: disparage, belittle, condemn, criticize, censure, disparage, derogate, excoriate

Antonyms: extol, commend, praise

Tips: Decry comes from the Old French word descrier, "to cry down." It is mostly used formally to apply to abstract ideas (see usage examples). It implies open condemnation of something, with an attempt to discredit it. This is why decry is synonymous with both criticize and disparage--you are trying to condemn something while also discrediting it.

Usage Examples:

The critics currently decrying lowered standards in education are the same critics who recently proclaimed victory in the war on illiteracy. (criticizing)

The patients' advocacy group has released a statement which decries crowded and unhealthy conditions in many of the nation's hospitals. (condemns, criticizes)

The animal rights activists decried the use of animals in the testing of cosmetics. (censured, condemned)

She decried his involvement in the scandal and said she would never let him live it down. (belittled, disparaged, criticized)

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