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Definition: 1. a downward slope or gradual falling off; 2. a worsening or decline; 3. a polite refusal (to an invitation); 4. in astronomy, the angular distance of an object from the celestial equator

Synonyms: deterioration, decline, downfall, downgrade, worsening, refusal

Antonyms: acceptance, inclination

Tips: When you decline someone's offer or invitation, you are giving your declination. It's the opposite of inclination, which is a desire to do something. A declination is also the gradual worsening of some condition.

Usage Examples:

The declination of my grandfather's health began in earnest when my grandmother died. (deterioration, decline, worsening)

He accepted my declination of his offer with a smile and a handshake, to show there were no hard feelings. (refusal)

I was surprised to receive Betty's declination; I thought she would definitely come to the party. (polite refusal)

This road has a sudden, sharp declination, so be very careful as you're driving. (downgrade, downward slope)

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