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Definition: 1. the ability to make decisions quickly and clearly; 2. the quality that settles a controversy or contest

Synonyms: resoluteness, determination, conclusiveness, finality, totality

Antonyms: vagueness, hesitation

Tips: The root of decisiveness comes from the Latin word caedere, "to cut." Decisiveness is the ability to cut through a problem to quickly find a solution. It may also refer to a quality that makes the outcome of something clear or final ("the decisiveness of the team's victory"). The adjective decisive is descriptive of decision and firmness.

Usage Examples:

The CEO's decisiveness in temporarily shutting down production saved the factory and preserved 500 jobs. (resoluteness, quick action)

The manager wavered for weeks about which of the two candidates to hire, as neither showed a decisive superiority. (conclusive, definite) adjective

I admired her decisiveness, especially on difficult issues. (resoluteness, determination)

The campaign was settled decisively, with the winner having a twenty percent lead over his opponent. (conclusively, resolutely) adverb

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