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Definition: a scarcity or lack of something

Synonyms: absence, privation, scarcity, lack, shortage, paucity, deficiency

Antonyms: excess, abundance, plentitude

Tips: Dearth comes from the Old English word deore, "dear," which meant "costly" or "expensive." Think of something that is dear to your heart, something you value. Dearth is a shortage of something that is important to you or something that you desire. For a memory trick for dearth, note how dearth seems to be a combination of dear and earth. Now, think of something dear to you disappearing into the earth's dirt, so only a little is left. Now there is only a dearth (shortage, scarcity) of what is dear to you. A dearth of something is a scarcity or lack of it. See also the related word paucity.

Usage Examples:

Although it is an important topic, there is a dearth of detailed information available on it. (absence, scarcity)

Due to the dearth of qualified candidates, we have had to hire a few who are not really qualified. (lack, paucity)

The dearth of fruits and vegetables in her diet has caused a serious vitamin deficiency. (absence, lack)

The dearth of skilled workers has led companies to offer extensive benefits packages and other incentives to attract qualified employees. (shortage, paucity)

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