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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to constrain or control ; (n.) imposed limit or restraint

Synonyms: (v.) restrict, limit, curtail, check, constrain, inhibit, (n.) restraint, limitation, restriction

Antonyms: (v.) goad, spur

Tips: Curb comes from the Latin word curvus, referring to a horse's bit made of a curved piece of wood. The curvus helped to restrain or check the horse's movements; a curb restrains or checks something. One often hears curb used in instances like, "I'll have to curb my hunger, if I want to lose weight." Curb also refers to a sidewalk's edge.

Usage Examples:

I'm really looking forward to tonight's concert, but since I have to get a lot of work done first, I will need to curb my enthusiasm. (restrain) verb

Economists predict that the latest rise in interest rates will be a curb on consumer spending. (check, limit) noun

I'll need to curb my anger before I speak to her, so that I don't sound too harsh. (constrain, check) verb

Parents should put a curb on the amount of time kids are allowed to watch TV. (limit, restriction) noun

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