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Definition: readiness or willingness to believe, especially on slight or uncertain evidence

Synonyms: gullibility, naivetÚ, simplicity, confidence, assurance, certitude, trust

Antonyms: skepticism, cynicism

Tips: Credulity comes from the Latin word credere, "to believe," as does the common word credit. If you credit something with truth, you believe it; but if you show credulity you believe too much, or believe things naively or innocently. The related adjective credulous describes someone who shows credulity, while incredulous describes a person unwilling to believe something.

Usage Examples:

John is so credulous that he still believes everything he reads on the Internet. (na´ve, green, trusting) adjective

Her credulity was a source of amusement to her friends, who would often make up ridiculous stories to tell her in the hope that she would believe them, which she often did. (gullibility)

The psychic took advantage of the credulity of those who really wanted to hear from their deceased relatives. (trust, naivetÚ)

Why do you have that incredulous look on your face? I am telling the truth. (questioning, disbelieving, skeptical) adjective

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