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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) 1. to make impure; 2. to alter something from its original state in a negative way; 3. to make or become dishonest or immoral; (adj.) 1. dishonest or otherwise immoral; 2. lacking integrity; 3. contaminated or impure

Synonyms: (v.) degrade, debase, contaminate, pollute, ruin, tarnish, (adj.) dishonest, unethical, depraved, immoral, impure, spoiled

Antonyms: (v.) correct, improve, purify, (adj.) ethical, moral, trustworthy

Tips: Corrupt comes from the Latin word rumpere, which means "to break." This is also the source of the English word rupture. The noun corruption denotes illegal, dishonest, or immoral behavior.

Usage Examples:

Citizens have complained for years that the city government is corrupt and must be reformed. (depraved, immoral) adjective

I fear that playing violent video games will corrupt my son's mind. (degrade, ruin) verb

Your policies are corrupt and created solely for your own financial gain, regardless of who gets hurt. (unethical, immoral, dishonest) adjective

The experiment was corrupted when several of the test subjects lied on their questionnaires. (ruined, contaminated) verb

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