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Definition: the characteristic of excessive girth, bulkiness, or plumpness

Synonyms: obesity, plumpness, rotundity, bulkiness, portliness

Antonyms: leanness, thinness

Tips: Corpulence is a more sophisticated way to describe excessive fat. "Corporate corpulence" is a catchphrase used to criticize unbridled self-interest or greed within a corporation. For a memory trick for corpulence, think of combining corp, the Latin root for "body," and opulence, "riches," and think of an excessively rich, fat man like King Henry the VIII. He is the epitome of corpulence.

Usage Examples:

The corpulence of my friend is as expansive as his personality. (bulkiness, portliness)

Corporate corpulence can be part of a healthy and competitive economy, except when it slums to dishonesty and deceit. (obesity, greed)

When her corpulence became a threat to her health, Jane's doctor advised her to start eating healthy foods and exercising. (obesity)

Even though most people thought she looked better with a little more corpulence, she was constantly dieting and trying to become thin. (plumpness, rotundity)

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