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Definition: 1. concerning the physical body and its characteristics, rather than its cerebral functions or spirituality; 2. tangible, palpable, having material or physical form

Synonyms: carnal, fleshly, tangible, bodily, physical, concrete, material, substantial

Antonyms: cerebral, intangible, mental, spiritual, abstract, ideal, intangible, theoretical

Tips: Corporeal is derived from the Latin corporeus, "of the body." Corporeal indicates occupying physical space, that which can be touched and is tangible, as opposed to illusory or spiritual. Something incorporeal may seem to exist, but doesn't have mass. Corporeal is not to be confused with its homonym corporal, as in corporal punishment, although both words come from the same Latin root corp, which means "body."

Usage Examples:

Online chat rooms may generate the feeling that you aren't speaking to a corporeal personality. (physical)

The bright little boy had imaginary friends until he was five years old, at which point he began to reach out to corporeal companions. (material, bodily)

His corporeal suffering was due to the cancer which had spread throughout his body. (bodily, physical)

Her corporeal needs far outweigh her intellectual ones. (tangible, material, physical)

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